How Canton Sarajevo helps Young People to buy or repay their Home?

November 16, 2017 10:15 AM

Young people got the opportunity to, if they meet the conditions, get funds, a subsidy,  for the purchase of the apartment in the amount of 10.000 BAM, for which the Government of Canton Sarajevo allocated 400.000 BAM in 2017.

Minister of Physical Planning of CS Cedomir Lukic stated that they received more than 50 applications, but that it is not known yet how many of them will meet the conditions that were determined by the Public Invitation since the Commission is yet to establish which applications actually meet the conditions.

“I did not expect such a great interest, but it also pleases me since I believe that we did something that has full justification and sense, and the number of applications makes me really happy. We will strive to solve most of them. We can finance around 40 applications but we will try to provide additional funds in order to give funds to everyone who applied and meet the conditions,” said the minister.

The Ministry also conducted public invitations through which was enabled the purchase of apartments with favorable conditions for young people, but according to Lukic, those apartments are not available anymore.

“Unfortunately all of those residential units are already sold, in settlements Vogosca, Ilijas, and Dobrinja. We are working on finding new locations where new apartments would be built, in order to continue with this project next year,” stated Minister Lukic.

One of the buyers of apartments under the favorable conditions is Miran Mahmutovic. He met all the conditions that were declared by Ministry of Physical Planning and he now lives in an apartment on Dobrinja, which occupies around 60 square meters.

“I saved some money in that way but I think that this program doesn’t make it a lot easier for young people. It would be better to sign a contract with one of the banks which would give more favorable conditions and interest rates for loans to young people,” noted Mahmutovic.



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