How is Canton Sarajevo going to spend 769 million BAM of Budget?

After the adoption of the budget for 2018, the Minister of Finance of the Government of Canton Sarajevo Jasmin Helebic stated that this year’s budget is “both developmental and social”.

“A total of 131 million and 436.400 BAM will be allocated for capital investments from the budget of Canton Sarajevo for 2018, while 103.098.052 BAM will be allocated for social benefits according to functional classifications. These almost equal amounts, which are planned for capital and social benefits, can serve as confirmation that the budget of CS for 2018 has both developmental and social components, but the developmental one is more emphasized,” noted Helebic.

A total of 130 million BAM will be provided for capital investments, which is around 18 % of the total budget, and it covers 85 % of projects from the Strategy for Development of CS 2016-2020, added the Minister of Finance.

Within the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure of CS are planned funds in the amount of 10.504.000 BAM, which are intended for the reconstruction of water supply network.

In the Ministry of Traffic of CS are planned capital funds in the amount of 19.500.000 BAM for realization of the Conclusion of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo regarding urgent measures for the stabilization of PUC GRAS.

A total of 2.350.000 BAM is planned for cleaner air and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of CS.

Significant funds will be invested in the reconstruction of roads in Canton Sarajevo as well. Within the Ministry of Traffic of the CS and Directorate for Roads of CS is planned a total of 26.501.500 BAM for reconstruction of roads, as stated by the Minister.


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