Can the Expulsion of Diesel Vehicles from European Roads be a good News for BiH?

The West European countries, led by Germany, started a series of activities with the aim of expulsion of diesel vehicles from their roads as soon as possible, while there are no concrete plans in BiH when it comes to addressing this ecological issue.

Great European metropolises such as Paris are planning to completely ban diesel vehicles from traffic by 2020, and there are ecological zones where traffic is prohibited for certain categories of cars that do not meet ecological standards.

Because of this, the largest European car market, Germany, now has more than 300,000 diesel vehicles that cannot be sold, and these are mostly models that were produced between 2009 and 2014.

That does not have to necessarily be a bad news for BiH, because those vehicles pollute far less than the current fleet of BH citizens.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of FBiH announced that during the registration of cars in the FBiH in the year of 2017, a total of 86.067 cars were below the ecological norm 1, 23.358 vehicles with the norm 1 and 49.162 vehicles with the norm 2.

In short, every third car on the roads of the FBiH is a big polluter and below the “Euro 4” standard, which is, according to current legal regulations, the lowest threshold for import of used cars in BiH.

Although it might sound a bit odd, the expulsion of diesel vehicles from European roads could be a good news for us, because the “bloodstream” of the cars on BH roads could finally be a bit improved.

(Source: klix.ba)

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