What can be done to enhance Tourism in BiH?

tourismBosnia and Herzegovina has a great potential to attract tourists and has recorded significant result in the branch of tourism.

In order to further develop this sector of tourism, BiH should further work on the promotion and protection of its resources. Currently, only 2.2 percent of natural heritage is protected in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Similar situation is with the cultural and historical heritage in BiH, which is only protected on paper, said the Federation Tourist Board.

“Many Bosnian resources such as mountain tourism (summer and winter), rural, adventure and gastro tourism, are all segments that are extremely rich in resources. If the government would engage in high-quality planning, management, and promotion, these resources could turn into a true, world-recognized, Bosnian brand,” announces Federation Tourist Board.

Moreover, they emphasize that there are a lot of tourism potential in BiH, but that they should be valued.

“From a potential, to become a tourism product, it is necessary to pass several stages in which the state has a key role in terms of making positive legal solutions and creating strategic documents. In addition, the government has the ability to make clearly defined goals that need in a certain period to give the planned results. After the state finishes with the legislative, strategic and financial interventions, then the product that offers strong promotion and branding is formed”, states Federation Tourist Board.

This organization hopes that 2017. Will bring continuation of positive numbers and results, and expect that tourists will recognize BiH as a country with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage.

“If you take into account the fact that there were 71.6% arrivals and 68.9% overnight stays in the first 10 months of total arrivals and overnight stays in BiH, it is clear that BiH represents an extremely attractive tourist destination”, was concluded from the Federation Tourist Board.

(Source: fokus)

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