Call for Help: 390.000 Euros required for the Treatment of little Aleksandar

Another baby from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is struggling with a serious illness. One-year- old Aleksandar Gajic from Glumina near Zvornik, has an aggressive tumor in the small brain.

Aleksandar is at a clinic in Munich, and his further treatment depends on whether the necessary money will be collected. The hospital needs 391.000 euros for the treatment of little Aleksandar.

So far, the family has collected 180.000 euros, and the Association “Pomozi.ba” paid a donation of 5.000 BAM a few days ago. Also, from February 1st,  it provided a special telephone number 17007 through which 2 BAM can be donated, and this number is unique for all operators in BiH.

“For the telephone number that were active before, reports are expected by mid-February, and for the unique number 17007 that we have been releasing since the February 1st, the reports are coming by mid-March. For some reason, the response for little Aleksandar in the beginning was  low, but in the last few days it is much better, and we will try to motivate as many people as possible to help. The boy is in the hospital in Germany, where the surgery is planned, “ it is stated by ‘Pomozi.ba’.

As it says on Facebook page “Za zivot male bebe Aleksandra”, great news come from Munich, where the chief doctor has renounced his 21.000 euros amount, so that number can be subtracted from the final amount.

“Pomozi.ba” has provided its PayPal, so everyone who wants to help can use this address:



For payments from BiH:

562 – 003 – 81433983 – 77 (payments from BiH in the name of Zeljko Gajic)


For payments from Austria:


IBAN: AT64 2011182266475400


Wien, Oestereich

Name: hilfhelfen-pomozi.ba

(Pomozi.ba is also registered in Austria, so you can use our account for lower commission)


For payments from abroad:

IBAN BA: 395620038143424761


Address: ul. Glumina bb 75 400, Zeljko Gajic, Zvornik

SWISH: 0736669985


(Source: faktor.ba)

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