Cakes Festival delighted Visitors in Mostar

Festival of cakes “Torte i To” delighted the visitors in the hall of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca in Mostar. The youngest ones were especially happy. It is important to note that organizers managed to earn a nice amount of money that will be given to the ones in need.

The Festival was organized by the “Udruga Kulturist” Association, and Romela Bagaric says that this is the fourth edition of this event, which is slowly becoming a tradition during the holiday season.

“The event is of a humanitarian character as the funds collected from the sale of all the cakes will be given to children who are ill, and this year the festival succeeded in a way that even women who made cakes only for their own needs, became the real professionals. They had an affinity, and we managed to present them to public,” said Bagaric.

The organizer said that, from all cakes, she mostly like Svarcvald cake, as it is the best blend of different flavors. The most interesting cake at the festival was made by Sefika Kevric from Jablanica. Her masterpiece was a cake with Santa Claus. She said that she has been dealing with this hobby for seven years and how it is bringing special energy.

“This is the third time I am participating at the festival, and I present something different every time. Regarding the flavors, chocolate and fruit are always the best, but today the main factor is the look and the regarding that, children are creating trends,” Sefika said.

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