Cadence Digital Assistant now has 4 Million Users

Digital Assistant Cadence has a broad audience, from teenagers to large, multinational companies.

Chatbot conversation service invented by young entrepreneur Haris Ascalic, which works by typing on the screen, praised with the fact that it has around 4 million Viber users so far, which represents an increase of 1 million users since the month of March this year.
In the last six months since its presentation on Viber, Cadence Digital Assistant received several new and interesting categories and subcategories, as well as redesign of the entire application.
Haris Ascalic, the founder of this start-up, believes that Cadence will have more than 12 million users or 1.2 % of Viber by the end of this year. The market of Viber currently has one billion users.

Among a large competition, this BH brand is on the worldwide list of all public accounts on Viber and it is among the top 20 public accounts.

Take a look at the video:


(Source: Sarajevo Times)

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