Cadence breaks Records: She advised 100,000 People in October

Digital assistant Cadence, created by Haris Ascalic from Visoko, was used by a total of 100,000 people in the month of October.

Cadence has unique operations that are attracting a large number of users. Cadence advises you on how to make a tasty meal, what to wear, how to do your makeup or which hairstyle to choose.

“About 100,000 users used Cadence on Viber as a chatbot service in the month of October, and most of them were women. Even 60 % of female users use Cadence. The trend of a large number of users is continued,” said Ascalic.

Countries that are leading in the IT sector consider digital assistants as valuable and useful to people, and digital assistants can even receive citizenship. An example for this is the virtual robot Mirai, which looks like a seven-year-old boy, and it received the official status of a resident of the central block of Tokyo.

Digital assistants are competing for the position and prestige that also brings great power. Maybe one day Bosnian Cadence will become a “citizen” of some of the world’s metropolis as well.

(Source: oslobodjenje.ba)


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