By End of June Jobs for 719 Trainees in Canton Sarajevo

mladi_ljudiMore than two months ago the competition for participation in the program of co-financing employment of interns with university degrees, higher qualification, secondary education and skilled workers, implemented by the Employment Agency and the government of Canton Sarajevo finished.

The public invitation to employers to apply for participation in the program was published on 15 March and lasted for one month. According to the competition, funding for 360 trainees is provided. However, 726 employees who were looking for 2055 trainees have applied.

“We find ourselves in a difficult situation, because employers looked for six to seven times more trainees than the amount of resources we had. Due to this, we launched an initiative to fund 350 more trainees and for the total number to be 719 through funds for 2013 according to the program measures’’, said for portal the Head of Operations in activities to encourage employment’’, said Mahir Lokvančić.

With the Law on Mediation in Employment of the FBiH, a working group was formed from the members of the service for employment and the Ministry for Labor and Economy of the RS, which again had to conduct a procedure in the program of co-financing the employment of trainees.

“Everything is in the final stages and I think that the effort of all actors has paid off, because it is much better to employ 719 rather than 360 trainees. I expect that the entire process will be finished until the end of this month’’, added Lokvančić.

The public call gives priority to producers who search for interns of surplus professions, who previously benefited from those measures, and who after their internship expired continued to work for their employers, and priority is given to entrepreneurs who use the incentives for the first time.

“The biggest demand is for lawyers and economists, of which they are the majority at the bureau. Also, there is a huge interest for trainees from technical faculties, of which there are not that many, especially for engineers, construction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. There is a weaker demand for interns from community colleges’’, said Lokvančić.


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