By 2014 FBiH will have 100 kilometres of highway

Manager of public company ”Autoceste FBiH” Ensad Karić noted that the Corridor 5C in BiH is 335 km long, and 285 km will go through FBiH.

Karić said that the company will work intensely to ensure the fund for the construction and completion of 100 km of highway by 2014.

”I am convinced that by then we’ll finish the construction of the planned highway’’, said Karić to Anadolu Agency.

He added that this Managment of ”Autoceste FBiH” has been working since September 2011 and that in one year they’ve managed to build 10 km of highway on subsection Kakanj-Bilješevo, which has been very demanding because of the large landslide.

Karić also said that in the past year they managed to regain the confidence of international financial institutions.

He also noted that ”Autoceste FBiH” started working on 10 km of the southern subsection towards Međugorje, including the border crossing, and they also started the construction of 20 km of subsection Vlakovo-Tarčin, and on subsection Butilo-Vlakovo.

“Our three-year plan is that we build ten kilometres of highway in the south, ten kilometre to the north, and a complete 81 km section from Tarčin to Zenica, including Sarajevo detour, and for that we need about one billion and 200 million BAM,” confirmed Karić.

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