Busko Lake is the largest artificial Accumulation in Europe

The fact that human interventions in nature can be beautiful, and not just problems and ecological disasters, is best proved by Busko lake, a beautiful aquatorium on the western border of our country, in Canton 10, which is divided into two municipalities – Livno and Tomislavgrad. According to available sources, Busko Lake or Busko mud represents the largest artificial accumulation in the whole Europe.

Busko Lake is a large water mass that can create a great ambience for all water sports in late spring or summer, and thus for the development of tourism as well, a branch that every local community sees as a great opportunity.

Busko Lake seems just ideal for sailing and other water sports. In an ideal situation, somewhere here on the shore, there would be the National Center for Water Sports of BiH in the area of Livno or Tomislavgrad.

Busko Lake is located in BiH, with two thirds in the area of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad, and the remaining one third in the area of Livno. However, the hydroelectric power plant, which caused the entire accumulation, is located in the territory of Croatia, in the locality Ruda.

Busko Lake is the largest of its kind in Europe, but it is still unused in economic and tourism sense. The activation of its potentials, primary touristic, might stop the outflow of the population from this part of BiH, which represents the largest problem of Canton 10.

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