Businessmen from UAE interested in building Factory for production of Animal Feed

Organized by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the United Arab Emirates, led by Ambassador Sefik Mujkanovic, a delegation of UAE and Oman businessmen led by Sheik Mussallim Bin Salem Bin Hamam, owner of Bin Ham Group, visited the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) to familiarize with the conditions and investment opportunities in our country.

Founded 43 years ago, Bin Ham Group operates in the oil, energy, electronics and mechanics, construction, as well as agriculture and tourism sectors and employs a large number of workers. Since it plans to expand its business abroad, BiH has been selected as one of the possible destinations for investment, especially in the area of animal feed production and tourism.

Since this is the first visit of this delegation to our country, Director Gordan Milinic wished businessmen a welcome in BiH, thanked him for his visit, pointing out that investments from the UAE are welcome in BiH.

To get a better picture of business opportunities in BiH, a presentation was held on investment opportunities with a focus on the business environment, the benefits of investing in BiH, attractive sectors such as tourism, energy, metal processing, agriculture and food production, textiles and ICT.

Speaking about foreign investments in BiH, it was pointed out that the UAE is ranked 15th on the list of foreign investors, with 102 million euros invested. The investor is also informed about the steps and conditions for starting a business and establishing a company, the conditions of business, the status of foreign investors, etc.

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