Positive: Businessmen from Town of Gorazde Gracanica, Gradacac and Tesanj interacted

businessmane connectedThe Prime Minister of Bosna Podrinje Canton (BPC), Emir Okovic, organized a reception for the delegation of businessmen from Gracanica, who stayed two days in this city. The meeting was attended by the representatives of business entities from the region of BPC Gorazde.

A visit of businessmen from Gracanica to businessmen in Gorazde, was aimed at getting closer with business movements in these two municipalities and possibilities of cooperation in the further period.

According to the words of the president of Association of Employers of BPC Gorazde, Ibro Masala, one of initiatives of businessmen from Gorazde, whIch would be supported by this association as well, besides Gradacac and Tesanj, is that the attitudes of the real sector should be supported more in terms of legislation at the level of FB&H and country f B&H.

“These people have one idea, and that is a better linking of the business sector, not only in FB&H, but in the entire B&H. That idea is very acceptable for us. Gracanica is very developed city when it comes to a real sector, people there have one entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that they employ more than 8.000 people goes in favor to this“, emphasized president of the Association of businessmen of BPC Gorazde, Ibro Masala.

Prime Minister of BPC Gorazde, Emir Okovic, supported attitudes of businessmen and promised a support.

“I understood their initiative as a strengthened engagement of the Association of businessmen and people gathered in the real sector to see the mood of this Government and others in that sector. The commitment of the Government if BPC Gorazde in the work program is openness to the economy and we expressed our support in that part, Given that we know how much the region from which our guests came is developed, we had several ideas for reaching a certain cooperation, so we will see the total outcome of yesterday’s initial talks“, said the Prime Minister of BPC Gorazde, Emir Okovic.

With words of gratitude to the Prime Minister. Sead Terzic, president of the Association of businessmen and independent entrepreneurs of the municipality Gracanica, emphasized the desire for the cooperation of these two municipalities to be at the higher level, in the way these two municipalities deserve it, as announced from the Press Service of the Government of BPC.


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