Business Success: Tons of Raspberries Exported to Japan

klasBosnia and Herzegovina’s food industry Klas Sarajevo realized export of 20 tons of raspberries which will be placed on the high- market of Japan, reports the news agency Patria.

In the selection of raspberries, particular attention was paid to the quality, as well as to the control of pesticides. In both cases Klas raspberries have proven to be the best. Exports to Japan is implemented in cooperation with the Crop Company.

Last year Klas has bought 665 tons of raspberries, other berries and wild fruits from domestic producers. All amounts are placed for export. Klas raspberries have met the high standards of quality demanding markets, such as Turkey, where it exported 50 tons of raspberries and 10 tons of wild blueberries, but also the quality standards of one of the world’s most famous food brands, the French Danone.

“We are aware of our competencies and comparative advantages. This is one more proof that the Bosnian raspberries are among the best in the world, and that production of raspberries and other berries should gain special attention in the development of the entire food industry. Klas is the best example that local brands can be much better than the fierce competition that prevails in global markets. We have gained the trust of farmers and our partners because the payments for purchased quantities of raspberries and other fruits are realized immediately upon delivery”, said Rusmira Hrvić, director of the Klas Inc. Company Sarajevo.

This year, the plan is to establish cooperation with about 800 local subcontractors in order to establish a strict control of farming mechanisms, which should result in the purchase of 1,000 tons of high-quality raspberries.


(Source: NAP)


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