Business Insider: Sarajevo as One of the Top Destinations to Visit

SarajevoSarajevo – a capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – is the city surrounded by the Olympic mountains and a rich history (Franz Ferdinand was assassinated here, and that event initiated the World War I). A mixture of East and West, full of the impact of the Ottoman Empire, offers visits to museums, mosques and cathedrals.

These are words with which Business Insider recommends Sarajevo as one of 17 destinations that tourists “have yet to discover“. Sarajevo is at the first place of the list.

“For those who want to avoid the tourist traps of Europe, there are undiscovered destinations that need to be explored“, stated Business Insider and added “These are places where you can enjoy without hordes of other tourists“.

 Thus Sarajevo found itself with the Swedish gem Kungsleden and German Bacharch.

(Source: Photo: ST)

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