Business Forum of BH Diaspora – BHdiaFor 2018 held in Mostar

July 27, 2018 7:00 AM

Business forum of BH diaspora BHdiaFor 2018 was held yesterday in the organization of the Diaspora Business Center, and it took place in INTERA Technological Park that was also a co-organizer of the event. The aim of this forum is stimulation of investment and business cooperation with Herzegovina diaspora as well as presentation of Herzegovina as an attractive investment destination.

Director of INTERA TP, Vedran Simunovic, stated that INTERA helped in creation of more than 80 start-up teams, which ultimately led to creation of 36 start-up companies.

He added that the role of INTERA is their connection with companies abroad, i.e. finding foreign partners, as well as assisting in the growth and development of these companies.

President of the group “Our Perspective” and the organizer of the event, Armin Alijagic, noted that the main aim of this forum is connection with representatives from the diaspora as well as assistance in their potential investment or connection with BH companies.

Honourable Consul of BiH to New South Wales in Australia, Dzemila Talic Gabriel, stated that the interest of Diaspora in investing in BiH is really great.

“I am here to share my experiences, to help foreign investors, but also to make BH community realize better the whole investment process in BiH,” said Talic Gabriel.

The director of USAID mission in BiH, Peter Duffy, stated that BH Diaspora is growing in the world and that it already has the authority to make its influence on certain decisions, which mainly refer to investing and purchasing, in their companies.





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