Buses Soon for Bjelašnica, Igman and Nearby Areas

bjelasnicaThe Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Transport launched an initiative for all public transport companies in Canton Sarajevo to organize in the tourist season bus transportation to surrounding resort areas, as well as towards the Olympic mountains Bjelašnica and Igman, said the Minister of Canton Sarajevo Transport Jusuf Bubica.

“The final establishment of the line will be known to the public later because we still have not received all the necessary timetables, and all potential transporters have not yet been announced’’, added Bubica.

The interest of the citizens of Sarajevo, as well as tourists for visits to protected areas, such as Bijambare and monuments to the nature of Skakavac and Vrelo Bosne is huge, but unfortunately, there still is not city transport towards these locations.

“Discussions are currently underway with the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo in order to ensure transport towards Bijambare, as well as to all other areas in Canton Sarajevo that are protected areas’’, said the Assistant Minister for Environmental Protection in Canton Sarajevo Zijada Krvavac.

She said that in previous years the Ministry tried but did not succeed to ensure regular minibus lines, at least during the weekends when there are most visits to the protected landscape Bijambare.

“We addressed the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo, and these days we are facilitating discussions to provide these lines. We are working on that and we hope that we will ensure this soon’’, said Krvavac.

For now, there is no opportunity for all those who are interested to go to the protected area of Bijambare with a direct line, because it is around 40 kilometers from the city. At this moment, it is a protected landscape and those who do not have their own automobiles cannot access the area, said Krvavac.

She pointed out that the cantonal public institution for protected areas and the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Canton Sarajevo is working to resolve this problem because there is an interest of citizens and tourists for transport to these areas.

Regarding Skakavac, it is also inaccessible even though there is an interest to visit it. Vrelo Bosne also has some limitations. It can be reached by horse-drawn carriage, but there are no direct lines. It is a similar situation with Igman and Bjelašnica, said krvavac and added that there ‘should be more attention given to organized transport, at least during the tourist season’.


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