Buses left Empty, Migrants returned to Lipa Camp

Empty buses, without migrants, left the Lipa camp in Bihac in the afternoon. The migrants, accompanied by the police, are returning to the camp, that is, what is left of it, BHRT reports.

The bus drivers gave the country until 4pm to find a solution, but no agreement was reached. The authorities of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton announced yesterday that they were not aware of the intention of the Ministry of Security of BiH to place migrants in Bradina.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), Sladjan Bevanda, sent a letter to the Ministry of Security of BiH in which he stated that the Ministry of Interior of the HNK is not able to hire police officers and take over the escort of buses.

Two locations, the barracks in Bradina and the asylum center in Delijaš, were offered after the fire, but also after the withdrawal of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) from Lipa.

As a reminder, at the Lipa camp site, after the recent fire in which the tents burned down, hundreds of migrants and refugees remained in a very difficult situation due to bad weather and living conditions, and the Red Cross of the City of Bihać and the USC provided them in recent days with a hot meal, lunch packages and clothing items.

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