Bus Info Service finally in function?

May 18, 2017 10:00 AM

GRAS busAfter more than two years of waiting, citizens and visitors of Sarajevo will be able to finally use the Bus Info service that allows them to find out when the vehicle of public transport will arrive at their station.

The test phase of the new system started these days, and it represents a partnership project of GRAS, BH Telecom, and Unimedia, and it provides tracking of vehicles of public transport.

“Bus Info service was created as the result of partnership cooperation of aforementioned three companies and it represents a service for passengers to get information on the arrival of public transport vehicles to stations in the area of Canton Sarajevo. By entering the code * 133 * unique code of station #, every passenger can learn how many stations away are two vehicles of all lines,” said Jakub Kubura from GRAS.

“The process of installation of devices in more than 200 vehicles is finally completed. There are still some finishing touches left, as well as testing of the entire system and processes, and the test period should last for three months. The use of these services will be free of charge during this period, and after that, the price of service should be 0.06 fening per call, without VAT,” concluded Kubura.

The development of this service is practical proof that good cooperation between local companies can result in really good products, which can give a great contribution to the public good.

In this way, a long and frustrating waiting at stations will definitely come to an end in Canton Sarajevo, and it will also improve the efficiency of the means of public transportation.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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