Buna Canals: Jewel of Nature carefully preserved by Citizens and Associations

March 20, 2017 10:15 AM


The most attractive part of Neretva River is below Mostar, as many people agree, where blue and green beauty passes through the narrow riverbed, created over thousands of years. At the mouth of Buna in Neretva, nature provides a rich array of color, water, greenery, and stone. The scenery is different every time, depending on the season and the amount of water in the riverbed.

The Buna canals are located near the town of Buna, where the main road M-17 leaves Mostar and moves towards Pocitelj and Capljina. Thousands of people pass by on a daily basis, unaware that they are next to one of the most beautiful examples of nature in our country. Unmarked under the canyon of the river, it offers a real spectacle that was created by water, rocks, and greenery over thousands of years.

Buna canal, a real jewel of nature, is completely unused when it comes to tourism except for fishermen who prefer to wait for their trout and marble trout here, and occasional cyclists or hikers. This paradise for the eyes is a mystery even to many people who live just 10 kilometers from the canals.

Within 230 kilometers of its course, the Neretva River has created a full range of beautiful landscapes, but many people believe that the site just south of Mostar at the mouth of Buna River has the greatest value because of the amount of water and beautiful landscapes.

“People built the Old Bridge in a few years, and the Neretva River was forming its bed for thousands and thousands of years. Sometimes we easily overlook resources that nature gave us and that is the reason why we need to fight in order to leave them for future generations. The Buna canals are the most beautiful part of the Neretva River without a doubt, and they are a real gem of nature,” says Sejo Pintul, urbanist, ecologist and one of the biggest defenders of rivers, especially the Buna canals.

During the war a concrete bridge was built over the canal, which partially disrupted its beauty, and associations and activists proposed the construction of a different bridge adapted to landscape and they also wanted the Buna canals to be a protected natural area and treated in the right way by the state.

The Buna canals are part of the battle of the citizens of Mostar and Buna, associations and professional protection agencies. A ban on the construction of a small hydroelectric power plant that are planned to be constructed on the site is also in progress.

Take a look at the beauty of this unique site in this VIDEO.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)



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