Bulgarian Support for B&H European Integration

homeThere are no outstanding issues between RS and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Bulgaria, and economic cooperation could be much better, it was assessed at a meeting of the President of the National Assembly of RS, Igor Radojičić and President of the Parliament of Bulgaria Mihail Raykov Mikeova and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Kristian Vigenin.

Minister Vigenin reconfirmed the support of Bulgaria to the Balkan countries on their way to  the European Union and further support to B&H towards European integration.

Radojičić informed his interlocutors on issues of European integration and the current impasse, concerning constitutional change and seeking solutions for coordination mechanisms on European issues.

He said that RS is actively involved in finding solutions, and that the essence of misunderstanding are disagreements between the political parties in the Federation, was announced from the office of the President of the entity parliament.

It is said that the current economic cooperation between the RS and Bulgaria is on the symbolic level, and applies to only a few major products.

It is discussed and considered the possibility of organizing an economic forum between B&H and the Republic of Bulgaria, and also Radojičić and Mikov arranged together with the chambers of commerce to intensify contacts of those companies that show interest in the Bulgarian market, or in RS.

(Source: Fena)

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