Bulgarian Holding “Bulgartabac” Will Buy State Action in “Fabrika Duvana Banjaluka”

Fabrika-duvanaThe Pension Reserve Fund (PREF) and the RS Restitution Fund scheduled for 1 July a common stock market auction for the sale of 9 percent shares of the ‘Fabrika Duvana Banjalula’ at a starting price of 635.436 KM, announced the Banja Luka Stock Exchange.

The buyer of the RS state action will likely be the Bulgarian Holding ‘Bulgartabac’, which has already agreed on a purchase of 55 percent shares of the Laktaši company ‘Antonić Trade”.

Nebojša Antonić, the owner of the company “Antonić Trade”, confirmed yesterday the earlier information of the syndicate organization ‘Fabrika Duvana’ that on 19 April a purchase contract was signed with the Bulgarians. He said that the agreement provides everything that was planned with the memorandum of the RS and Bulgarian Holding, to keep the current number of 265 employees and the operations of enterprise, and the conclusion of a new collective agreement with the Syndicate.

However, Antonić did not want to disclose how much would be received from the 55 percent action, nor would he confirm the unofficial information that the number of 3,88 million KM.

“The public will be informed about when to make a bock trade on the stock exchange, what awaits a positive solution to the Competition Council of BiH. It is most important that ‘Bulgatabac’ has huge plans for ‘Fabrika Duvana’, for whose realization I believe will require 100 new employees’’, said Antonić.

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