Building BiH together: Why is it important to buy Local Products?

local-productsWith a wish to make BiH a more beautiful, stronger and better country to live in, a group of enthusiasts launched the association “Kupuj 387 (Buy 387)”.

They are advertising everything local on the association’s website and Facebook – from BH products and retail chains, tourist destinations to successful citizens of BiH, and all under the slogan: “Buy Local, build BiH”.

“The idea came from our shared love of BiH,” as said from the Association “Kupuj 387 (Buy 387)”.

The founders of the association are Elmir Kobilica from Zenica, Mirza Omerasevic and Velid Vrabac from Zavidovici. Subsequently joined Nusmir Mekic from Banovici and Haris Besic from Srebrenik.

“We have had a series of promotional projects that we worked for companies, where we have always noted to domestic consumers which are the highest quality and local products that they can buy in stores all across our country,” they said.

Only in 2016, they had more than 10 million views on Facebook and Instagram profile.

They currently offer three major projects to companies:

  1. 387Kod app,
  2. The film “How the product is made,” modeled on the Discovery Channel How It’s Made,
  3. 387 Automobil – a short film where they visit cities across the country and share a package of domestic companies.

The application 387, which has already managed to attract 2,000 users who scanned nearly 5,000 products, is designed to reward customers with valuable prizes: “Scan this code and win the point.” At the same time, besides awards, the application serves to promote 387 products to our citizens.

“The aim of the application is to connect domestic consumers and domestic products so they will take the product from the shelf in the store, which they will buy and scan the barcode on it,” as explained by the association.

“It is necessary to break down the prejudices of local consumers that the domestic products are inferior to foreign ones. Domestic manufacturers often have higher quality and we should give them a chance,” as said from this association.

“It is important to understand that we help to ourselves the most by purchasing 387 products. We make a better future for our children, help each other and strengthen our homeland BiH,” as added from the association.



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