Bugojno Mountain Climbers reached the Mont Blanc

mont blancMembers of the Sector for Alpinist and climbing Sports of Mountaineering Society Koprivnica”  from Bugojno reached one of the highest peaks in Europe Mont Blanc in France, at the height of 4.810 meters.

“We thank the families, friends and acquaintances, who were all the time with us.This morning at 7:45 am we climbed the Mont Blanc. Temperature was15degrees, wind 50miles per hour, and it was a fantastic day. Everything was great, we all feel good, even though the last 36 hours, we slept only 20minutes”, wrote on her Facebook page Aida Muminović.

Bugojno expedition started on 26th  July and marked a ten-day climbing adventure. Member of this expedition are Aida Muminović and her husband, Besim Muminović, Fahrudin Teskeredžić Teks and Zoran Čosić.

“This is one of  the biggest success of the members for mountaineering and climbing sport. We are waiting impatiently their return to Bugojno“, said Emsada Babić, the President of  PD Koprivnica”

Bugojno Mountain Climbers have reached so far many peaks in B&H, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Austria


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