BTLBook.com from BiH among Top 100 Startups from more than 80 Countries

During the organization of a private or business event, customers and suppliers are facing the problem of finding the right services in one place. Ejub Kucuk, with his team of professionals from his company MITA Group, solved this problem by designing the BTLBook.com platform, whose quality was also recognized by leading startup conferences in Eurasia by pronouncing it as one of the 100 best start-up projects from more than 80 countries.

The platform gathers suppliers and customers at one place, thus making it easy for customers to search for everything they need for an event, while, at the same time, enabling suppliers to present their services at the right place. This represents a result of 20 years of work and experience in the field of promotion, marketing, and PR, and therefore it is not strange that all numbers are on the increase just a month after the test launch of the platform, and the founder is very satisfied that the market recognized their offer. Thus, this platform is the perfect answer to the problems that were encountered in this profession for years.

MITA Group is dealing with BTL (Below The Line) promotions for the past 18 years and they are searching for small suppliers that are needed by clients.

“When you are dealing with that job for so long, you end up using all opportunities, you do not see anything new, especially outside of Sarajevo. That is why we created a marketplace. This is the place where suppliers, who are renting places for parties, and buyers meet,” said Kucuk, who also added that they worked on the project for 18 months and that the idea was “cooked” for years.

“Clients can find services on the platform, compare their quality, prices and look at their previous work. That is how they decide for the right suppliers,” explained Kucuk.

Beginners from any field can register on the platform, but they must have minimum experience and they must have the work that clients will be able to see on their profile, on the basis of which they will evaluate whether to hire them or not. Kucuk noted that they do not reject anyone and they are patiently waiting for everyone interested to fill in their profiles so that they can become visible on the platform.

Kucuk also noted that there is no similar platform in the region and Europe so that BTLBook.com is intended for the international market as well, but they decided to start from BiH because they are best familiar with our market.

“I see this as one great place where I will be able to solve a lot of things that I could not solve before, not only in terms of business but private ones as well,” concluded Ejub Kucuk.

(Source: Se. H./Klix.ba)

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