Brussels Will Not Change Its Policy Towards B&H

Carl_BildtIt is possible that the appointment of Carl Bildt, the former high representative to B&H as the new head of EU diplomacy, would not change anything significantly regarding the relationship of Brussels towards B&H, nor would it cause any type of tension in B&H, according to analysts and political science professors from B&H.

Diplomatic circles confirmed to ‘Nezavisne Novine’ that Bildt is the most serious candidate to take over the function of high representative of the EU for foreign and security policy, which is currently held by British Baroness Catherine Ashton. The European elections will take place next year, and according to the EU headquarters Ashton, who is also head of the newly established department of external relations of the EU (EEAS), no longer intends to run.

Enver Kazaz, professor and political analyst from Sarajevo, thinks that neither Bildt nor all other high representatives are celebrated regarding their missions in B&H.

‘’In a part of B&H he is seen as a pro-Serbian politicians, who constantly brought paradoxical decisions. However, neither he nor others had any autonomy in their decisions. Therefore, it is possible that the appointment of Bildt to this position would not significantly change the relationship of the EU towards B&H’’, said Kazaz.

Miloš Šolaja, professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Banja Luka, said that Bildt enjoys a higher reputation than Ashton.

‘’Bildt is a strong European figure, but I do not think that something will change regarding the relation of the EU towards B&H’’, said Šolaja.

Tanja Topić, a political analyst, said that Bilt’s appointment provoked contradictory reactions in B&H.

‘’However, in this case it will not be the individual, but rather someone who will

Professor Marko Tokić from the University in Mostar said that Bildt’s views are known, but that as an individual in the EU sphere ‘’does not play such a role as it is given importance in B&H’’.

Nedžad Mulabegović, President of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI) said that some of Bildt’s views from the past ‘’did not support the strengthening of the state and its institutions’’.

(Source: Novine)

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