Bruseels Airlines introduces New Lines in BiH soon?

brusselsairlinesAmbassador of BiH to Belgium, Drasko Acimovic, spoke with the Vice president of the Brussels Airlines, Mr. Herman Carpentier, about the possibility of opening a direct airline Sarajevo-Banja Luka-Brussels, as well as launching a cargo transport from Banja Luka.

Moreover, Acimovic believes that the traffic between BiH and Belgium will be intensified since BiH has submitted an application for membership in the EU and submitted the questionnaire as well and that the experts expect BiH to obtain the candidate status by the end of 2017. Additionally, he says that there is a real interest in the intensification of aircraft passenger traffic between BiH-Belgium, as well as from Brussels to other overseas destinations.

In a statement to Srna, ambassador stressed that there is a range of possibilities for a  cooperation in the field of cargo transport, and stressed the possibility of airplane connections with Russia and Turkey to transport goods across BiH.

He added that the opening of this line would be conducted with the support of the authorities of BiH, Republika Srpska and Federation of BiH.

The Vice President of the Brussels Airlines, Herman Carpentier, believes that there is a real interest in opening the lines between BiH and Belgium, adding that, according to their figures, membership in the EU would lead to an increase in the number of passengers to Brussels.

Carpentier added that the company has become part of the “Lufthansa” group since the new Year, and that there is a plan of expansion of the business in the future.

(Source: akta)

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