British Media: Why Sarajevo is the Place to visit for cutting-edge Design

March 24, 2018 12:00 PM

A new generation of entrepreneurs is bringing creativity to the capital city of BiH, stated Sophie Buchan in her article about Sarajevo.

“The labyrinthine streets of Old Town Sarajevo have for centuries been a focal point for shopping. Today you can see carpet-weavers and coppersmiths practising their trade, and artisans selling coffee pots, woodwork… and geometric jewellery and boldly cut hoodies,” she wrote.

“Bazerdzan sits behind the Latin Bridge – where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, triggering World War One – among shisha bars and burek (pastry) sellers. Since its 2016 opening it has become a focal point for fashion-conscious Sarajevans,” wrote Buchan in her article.

“Bazerdzan also stocks up-and-coming clothes designers such as Molimao, which takes inspiration from Sarajevo’s buildings and bridges, and Irma Kohel who produces a line of streetwear sold without size or gender labels.”

“In the years between the 1984 Winter Olympics and the beginning of the Siege in 1992, Sarajevo morphed from a proud, prosperous host city to one of the most hellish places on earth,” as written in the article.

Buchan also presented the work of Aida Korman.

Aida Korman left London where she worked with Alexander McQueen in 2014.

She wanted to introduce a new aesthetic to her hometown.  She creates handmade pieces of clothes for both women and men, jewellery and products from home in her shop in the heart of the city, Aida Korman’s Ideas Store. Her mission, as she said, is to combine cutting-edge fashion with the richness of Bosnian tradition.

“I felt a need to introduce a new way of dressing and thinking to Sarajevo,” said Aida.

“I wanted to appeal to an urban audience which was not ashamed of tradition,” she added.

“Sarajevo has always been said to be a city which straddles East and West. And now, as a new generation draws on the country’s history, it is offering visitors a uniquely Bosnian take on contemporary design,” concluded Sophie Buchan at the end of her article about the capital city of Sarajevo.





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