British Embassy to B&H Organized Reception On Occasion of SFF

[wzslider]By: Nevena Šarenac

The Ambassador of Great Britain to B&H Nigel Casey hosted a formal reception last night at his home on the occasion of the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival, and said that one of the main reasons for organizing this ceremony is to continue the cooperation between the British Embassy and the most significant film festival in the region.

A large number of representatives from the public and cultural life of B&H and the world, local and international officials, and representatives of the diplomatic corps in our country enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere.

Welcoming those who were present, Ambassador Casey said that the SFF is a fantastic event, thanks to which every year Sarajevo becomes the center of the world.

He said that this is a festival of art portrays Sarajevo as a modern and dynamic city that attracts the best talents in film.

‘’SFF creates moments of real magic and power. It really is a unique event’’, said the Ambassador of Great Britain to our country.

He noted that cooperation between the SFF and Great Britain has been ongoing for many years, and added that he is proud of the fact that the British Council handed out an award for the film ‘’Moja! Moja! Moja Sobica”.

‘’The British Council is this year’s partner of the SFF and it brought people for the ‘Regional Forum’ and the ‘Talent Campus’, recalled Ambassador Casey.

The Director for Film in the British Council Briony Hanson attended the reception, and she hopes to establish better cooperation between the film industry of Great Britain and B&H.

The Director of SFF Mirsad Purivatra spoke of the cooperation between the British Council and SFF, and said that it has been lasting for more than ten years.

‘’This cooperation has strengthened the SFF”, said Purivatra.

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