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How to bring Sports Data Journalism to the next Level?

In today’s world, it is no longer enough just to narrate and transmit what is being witnessed in a sports event. The commentary must be critical, interpretive, up to date and engaging. Journalists, generating content, have to engage readers on a completely new level and in many different ways – through multimedia elements, data visualizations, infographics, fun facts and more.

Readers demand high quality, visual and multimedia content on multiple devices. They want relevant, meaningful and entertaining information, which is easy to consume. On the other side, journalists are doing their best to satisfy those demanding readers, under constant time pressure to provide more appealing content in a shorter time period. The skill set required from the journalist has expanded far beyond the simple storytelling – they are expected to interpret high amounts of data, create visual stories from it, edit video content and more.

Many media companies are looking at developing artificial intelligence technologies in order to generate automated multimedia content. Can you imagine using automation to generate user-specific content on the fly, content tailored to each specific customer or using artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform raw sports data into entertaining written reports or attractive video content such as match highlight clips with infographics? What about products that connect social impact expressed through a social network with hard sports fact in statistics to create a new level of social infographics?

Media outlets are also regularly struggling to monetize their editorial content and micro-event advertising and activation triggered by the emotional moments in matches and contests are becoming a new trend in the industry. Is there a way that real-time sports data can support them in finding new revenue streams?

How can we use Sportradar’s professional sports data to tell stories and make the life of a sports journalist easier? Think about tools, which could help journalists save time and enrich their sports editorials by increasing the attractiveness and specificity of the online content for the readers.

Your Challenge: Bring Sports Data Journalism to the next level!

Applications will open on 15 September, until then contestants can gather the team or come up with an idea. Follow us on the website for the news or subscribe to the Innovation Hack newsletter.


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