Brighter Side of BiH: Serb helped the Construction of Mosque

village-mileDoctor of Veterinary Medicine Mile Maric from Ugljevik, the owner of the veterinary station “Mile – Vet ‘, yesterday donated 100 BAM for waqf of returnee congregation Donje Trnovo, which is located in the Municipality of Ugljevik.

This act is certainly giving the hope of a better and happier future in our country, especially in areas where religious buildings are still getting renovated and constructed.

According to Mujaga Cifric, the imam in Srednja Trnova near Ugljevik, Maric donated funds for the renovation of the mosque in congregation Jasikovac in the municipality of Teocak few days ago as well.

“My comment is that we live in a time when we are surprised by positive things and good people. There was always good people in this area who were helping construction of mosques and churches,” said Cifric.

He noted that in this congregation is now reconstructed house that was bought for the needs of maktab.

In regards with the infrastructure in the village, a large part has been renovated. They renovated school, asphalt, plumbing, lighting … Now its turn to improve living conditions, but also cultural activities that are missing,” said Cifric.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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