Brčko’s prosperity requires a safe, Corruption-free, and inclusive Environment

Progress in Brčko presupposes a mine free environment, a firm and committed fight against corruption, and an inclusive environment for all Brčko’s residents. It is the responsibility of the District’s public institutions to demonstrate they can regain the trust of the public, and generate the quality of life and private sector opportunities to keep the young generation from leaving, underscored the Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor, Michael Scanlan.

On Tuesday, following a meeting with the leadership of the District Government and Assembly on addressing the challenges described, the Supervisor attended a presentation of the “MSP Brčko East” project by the BiH Mine Action Centre’s Brčko Regional Office. This project is the first step in clearing the remaining mine suspected areas in the District which should be completed by 2024. The presentation was attended by the Brčko Mayor and representatives of the Department for Public Safety.

The Supervisor underscored that mine-clearance activities not only contribute to public safety, but also help create a favourable environment for the development of tourism, agro-processing, and infrastructure – most notably the construction of a major highway junction that will connect Brčko to domestic and international markets.

Supervisor Scanlan also met with newly appointed members of the Commission for Assessing Conflict of Interest, which, together with the Anti-Corruption Office, is one of the key public bodies tasked with restoring the community’s trust in their public institutions. The way to achieve this is to apply provisions of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Brčko District Institutions strictly, impartially, and professionally.

As public employees, members of the Commission are subject to the same scrutiny as all other public officials, and anti-corruption bodies will continue to enjoy support from international partners. In this context, the Supervisor welcomed the OSCE’s initiative to further promote and monitor the implementation of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Brčko District Institutions.

The Supervisor held separate meetings with the Chair of the District Assembly’s Human Rights Committee Milijana Simić and the President of the Union of National Minorities Todorka Jovanović. The Supervisor expressed his support for efforts underway to complete the formation of the Brčko District Council of National Minorities, including the adoption of amendments to the Law on the Protection of Rights of National Minorities concerning the Council’s status as an advisory body to the Assembly.

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