Brave Ambulance Driver from BiH rescued two Human Lives in one Night

Miroslav Peric, an ambulance driver in the Healthcare Center of Bosanska Gradiska, did a unique venture – he saved two human lives in one night. An alert that a car fell in the nearby Jablanica River in a dark and rainy November night, alerted Peric and the ambulance team, and they came to the scene in a record time.

Fortunately, car lights under the water were still on so they quickly found the location of the accident. One young man managed to get out of the cold water but the other one was still trapped inside, and he was seriously injured.

“I illuminated the river and saw a young man who was injured and unable to get out of the car. His life was endangered. He was stuck in the mud, in the water. I came and put a belt around his waist, but then I got stuck in the mud as well,” recalled Peric.

Salvation came from the bridge, where the other members of the team and the random passers-by gave us a plank. That was crucial for saving that young human life. Mladen Kalinic from Gornji Podgradac will be grateful to Miroslav Peric his entire life.

That same night, Peric got into a new trouble. A hunter got seriously injured in a small van after a severe car crash on a highway towards Banja Luka in the settlement Romanovci. Gasoline was leaking out of the vehicle in all directions and the car could turn into a torch at any moment. Seriously injured Ljubo Turudija from the village Gasnica was captured inside the vehicle.

“I did not start panicking, which was crucial. Seeing that the gasoline was leaking out of the vehicle, I asked the injured man to help me. As if he got a dose of adrenaline, he made a crucial movement. I managed to pull him out after it,” said Miroslav Peric, the brave driver, who has been working this difficult but humane work for more than 38 years.

Miroslav is much loved in his collective. His life is full of anecdotes and events that he regularly tells to his younger colleagues and other medical staff.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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