Brankovic won 17th Place at the European Championships

BrankovicSenior national team member of BiH in speed skating (short track), Edin Brankovic, failed to win a placement in the final race at the European Championships in Turin, as announced by the Alliance of Skating Sports BiH.

“He had an outstanding performance on the second day of the competition in the semi-final race at 1500 m, but in a very strong competition, and even though it was close, he failed to enter the finals. His placement in this tournament is the 17th place in the competition of 47 best speed skaters of Europe, which represents an extraordinary result. Also, the placement of our team member enabled the Alliance of Skating Sports of BiH to have two representatives next year at the European Championships,“ as stated from the Alliance.

After the end of the European Championship, Edin will briefly go to Sarajevo, and then travel again to continue preparations in the Belgian Hasselt, where he will train with the world-renowned coach Pieter Gysel and perform at the World Cup, which will be held in Dresden (Germany) from the 3rd to 5th of February and Minsk (Belarus) from 10th to 12th of February this year.

“Those performances and preparation are aimed to prepare Edin for successful qualification and going to the Winter Olympics in 2018 in South Korea,” as said from the Alliance of Skating Sports BiH.


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