Boyle: plan for Americans and Europeans is still to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina


Agent of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the International Court of Justice and Professor of International Law Francis Boyle, responded to the statement that there is often talk of territorial exchange in resolving the Kosovo issue.

“The plan for Americans and Europeans is still to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is still under the agreement from Karadjordjev, and also in the Owen – Stoltenberg plan, which should divide BiH into three parts. Under that plan, ‘Herceg-Bosna’ would get Croatia, Serbia would get Republika Srpska, and there would remain a small Muslim state around Sarajevo. ”

“The Americans are still saying that they want Serbia to give up Kosovo and get Republika Srpska,” Boyle told N1.

Asked if the appointment of the United States Special Representative for the West by Mathew Palmer was part of that plan, and whether BiH was left as a place where major powers played their games and the people of BiH to be their playground, Professor Boyle replied:

“Yes, I think that the plan of the US and Europe is to divide BiH between Croatia and Serbia. The steps we have seen go in that direction, including the revival of the Hayes Plan (April Package). That was the plan and since 1992 the Great Powers are still playing games in BiH. People in BiH should resist and reject this April plan. “

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