Boy Bajro Hodzic welcomed Eid in a new Home

June 16, 2018 11:00 AM

Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, Edin Ramic, handed over a newly built house in Kladanj to a boy Bajro Hodzic and his father Muhamed, together with the mayor of this municipality, Jusuf Cavkunovic,

The case of a thirteen-year-old boy who lived in a demolished house whose roof was leaking deeply touched the public of BiH, and now it got a happy ending.

The construction of the house for Hodzic’s was co-financed by the intervention funds of the Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, while the Municipality of Kladanj provided all the necessary documentation for the construction of the house and its connections to municipal infrastructure.

“We are happy to be able to fulfil our promise and demonstrate our social responsibility. This is not a project, this is just a home for a young man, our Bajro,” said Minister Ramic.

This boy was especially happy to see his new room, which was decorated with symbols of his favourite football clubs Bayern Munich and Zeljeznicar. This was arranged after the boy went with one of the journalist on a nearby meadow, where his father made goal stands for him, and then he said that he is cheering for FC Zeljeznicar and Bayern.

“We remembered that Bajro’s favourite football player is Ribery, and thus we came up with that idea. This boy is taking care of his sick father and he is attending school as well. We came today to wish him all the best. We are working hard to ensure that the real basis of our work is not just the support to certain programs and projects, but to get to know real needs and problems of our people. Our commitment is to take care of the human aspect and the human dimension as well,” said Minister Ramic.

Minister Ramic also thanked the Municipality of Kladanj, headed by Cavkunovic, representatives of the media, the non-government sector and other individuals who took part in this great action and gave their contribution in order for this boy to welcome Eid together with his father in their new home, as noted from the Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH.



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