Boxmark Leather Company significantly expands its Production Capacities in Lukavac

The Boxmark Leather Company significantly expands its production capacities in Lukavac, which will lead to the opening of a great number of new jobs in future, BiznisInfo portal writes.

Boxmark Company has been present in BiH for some time and it is one of the most respected foreign investments in BiH recently.

Austrian Boxmark is one of the largest global companies manufacturing leather and leather products.

The Mayor of Lukavac Edin Delic and director Matej Basti visited the preparatory works on the site where new business facilities will be built.

Namely, the works will be done in two stages and after the completion of the first and second stages, the old building will be connected to a unit with newly constructed ones.

The expansion of production capacities represents a very significant investment for Lukavac municipality in terms of opening a great number of new jobs.

According to BiznisInfo, the company had almost 60 million BAM revenues last year, and it is expected to grow steadily as Boxmark strengthens its capacity in BiH.

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