Who bought a Car worth 386.200 BAM in BiH?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), 64.816 cars with a total value of more than 771.864.745.54 BAM were imported in the period from January to November 2017.

According to the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) data of BiH, out of mentioned number of cars, 10.072 were imported new and 54.744 were used.

In 11 months of 2017, the ITA collected receivables worth 170.240.471.18 BAM on the basis of these imported cars.

The most valuable imported car in BiH is the Ferrari 488 Spider, which costed 386.200.13 BAM, and the import charges for that car were 65.800.46 BAM. The second most valuable imported car is the electric Tesla Model S, which costed 294.153.37 BAM with the import charges of 67.299.05 BAM. The third one is Mercedes Benz Maybach S 500 4 Matic, whose worth is 282.559.93 BAM, while the state received through import charges 48.068.34 BAM.

At the fourth place was Porsche Panamera 4S, paid at 262.519.38 BAM, on the fifth Mercedes AMG W211 worth 256.318.15 BAM. The Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Coupe was paid at 255.235.82 BAM and is in sixth place, followed by the Porsche Panamera T of 242.252.08 BAM. The eight most expensive car imported this year is the Mercedes Maybach S 450 4 Matic in the amount of 233.398.16 BAM followed by another Mercedes G 63 AMG, whose price is 233.232.73 BAM, and the tenth place took the Porsche 991 Coupe paid at 231.951.73 BAM.

Given that 2017 has not yet come to an end, there is a possibility that this year will break a record when it comes to car imports and thus continue a range of annual growth.

In the past year the number of cars imported into BiH almost doubled. According to the ITA data, a total of 67.834 cars were imported in 2016, of which 10.961 new vehicles and 56.873 used ones.

In 2015, a total of 65.121 vehicles were imported, out of which 5.672 new cars and 59.449 used cars.


(Source: Fokus.ba)

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