Bosnians who are currently in Italy to arrive to Sarajevo Today and enter Quarantine immediately


On Friday, FlyBosnia will transfer from Sarajevo to Rome nearly 100 people who currently are in Bosnia and Herzegovina but live in countries of the European Union. With the same plane, Bosnian citizens who are in Italy, will be back to their homes, Klix.ba news portal learns.

The decision to return our citizens was made at today’s session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it must be implemented within the next two days.

As Klix.ba learns, the requirement for the organization of the flight was the maximum protection of all passengers and cabin crew on the aircraft. Therefore, everyone on the plane will be dressed in protective suits and will be required to wear masks and gloves all the way, and the aircraft will be completely disinfected according to the procedure.

The flight was organized at the request of the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is expected in the coming period that BiH will organize the return of its citizens who, due to the current situation, cannot return to their homes.

The president of the Federal Civil Protection Staff said that he had made appropriate provisions at today’s session when it came to the treatment of Bosnian nationals coming from Rome.

He stated that all persons who come from Rome will be automatically quarantined. “All those in charge who need to pick up passengers have received strict orders today and the way they are organized. I think there will be no problem. Certainly they all go into quarantine automatically and today the order stated that the Federal Institute of Public Health would take certain activities within its jurisdiction and therefore the Ministry of Health, “Solak said.


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