Bosnians presented the largest Product that entered the Guinness Book of Records

The largest nut in the world was produced in the plant of the company Femetall from Zenica for the needs of the company Tisakomerc from Zepce.

The company Tisakomerc from Donja Golubinja is dealing with the production of screws and nuts, and its director Nagib Mujkic decided to set a unique and large trademark of their company in front of the newly-built factory.

“We wanted to make something unique and we wanted for it to be a nut, since we are producing screws and nuts for furniture. I got this idea after I saw that a carpentry company in Germany made a 20-meter tall chair, and thus we decided to make a nut that would be half a meter larger than the current largest one in the USA,” noted Mujkic.

A total of eight workers took part in the construction of this nut, and they completed the work after several months of work. The nut was set in front of the new factory, and the process of application for the Guinness Book of Records is taking place at the moment.

The nut is 336 cm tall, 182 cm wide, 388 cm long and it weighs 3,450 kilograms.

“We believe that our new trademark will draw the attention of all the passers-by on M17 highway, between Zepce and Zenica (in Donja Golubinja) and that people will stop by to take some photos,” as noted from the company Tisakomerc.

The value of the nut is around 30,000 BAM, and it was transported from Zenica to Zepce.


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