Bosnians financially helped a Local Hospital in Italy during Coronavirus Pandemic


The Lombardy region is the most hit part of Italy by coronavirus and currently has over 10,000 citizens, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  So far, unfortunately, one Bosnian man died from the effects of coronavirus and the rest, according to information, are all well and healthy, was stated by Ramo Kadric, secretary of the Ital-Bosnia association of Muslim believers in Anegelo Terme, Oslobodenje news portal reports.

He adds: “We strive to maximize our care, to listen to the recommendations of those responsible, and thus to assist healthcare professionals in their efforts to overcome this unprecedented pandemic.” Bosnians and Herzegovinians from the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo (home to approximately 3,500 Bosnian citizens) recently financially assisted a hospital in Esine, which houses coronavirus patients.

“That’s right, members of our Bosnian association ‘Ljiljan’ and the Anegelo Terme-based Ital-Bosnia, raised a total of 3,300 euros through a humanitarian action as a small token of appreciation for what medical professionals here do for all Italian residents. Indeed, they are truly heroes in the fight against this inseparable dangerous opponent, and every amount is small for their heroic deed. ”



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