Bosnian Women joined an All-Women Convoy to raise Awareness on Suffering in Syria

Around 200 Bosnian women have set off from Sarajevo to Istanbul to join an all-women convoy to raise awareness about the suffering of women and young girls imprisoned in Syria by the Syrian government.

The International Conscience Convoy, which describes itself as the “voice of the oppressed women in Syria” will set off from Istanbul on Tuesday in a journey across Turkey to southern Hatay province, at the Turkey-Syria border.

The Conscience Convoy of women from around 55 countries in 155 busses is scheduled to stop along the way in the cities of Izmir, Sakarya, Ankara and Adana.

Members of the Mothers of the Srebrenica group are among the women joining from BiH they faced the same fate as Syrian women during the Bosnian war during 1992-1995.

The president of the Association of the Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves, Munira Subasic, joined the sendoff ceremony of the Bosnian women.

“Srebrenica’s mothers are well aware of what pain means, now Syrian women are experiencing the same pain we went through,” she said, speaking to Anadolu news agency.

(Source: Aljazeera, photo TRT)


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