A Bosnian Woman delights the Region with her many Talents

ana-lukajicDo you know a girl who has this kind of biography? Twenty four year old Ana Lukajic has a degree in international relations, but she is also a beauty technician, driver of trucks and buses, an optician, a tennis referee, pastry chef, model, promoter…

“I am working in an eye-wear shop, as an optician. Besides this work, I am doing nails and certain beauty care in a beauty salon, and if necessary, I also make cakes and other confectionery services. I love everything I do, especially the job of beauty technician. I am very versatile and I’m doing everything very well, with a quality. Over time, I gained knowledge in various fields,” said Ana Lukajic.

This young woman from Banja Luka says that the chance for a better life comes primarily from education and continuous learning and improvement.

Besides all of her activities, this young woman manages to judge tennis matches in her city as well. She says that tennis is sport that she loved and trained since early childhood.

“I played tennis for six years and had an injury, so I stopped. However, one year before that, I passed the license for referee, because we are organizing the ATP Challenger Banja Luka and there was the need for referees. I can judge smaller tournaments as the umpire, and larger tournaments as the line referee, which I am doing for eight years,” says Ana.

Ana’s father is engaged in transportation, and her younger brother drives a bus. This was meant to be, and she obtained driver’s license for truck, first small one, and then the trailer. She is currently working on a license for the bus.

She says that today’s young generations  usually spend their time waiting for something instead of working.

“Everyone want to have a lot of money, to spend and enjoy, but not to work. Many people are hoping that there is job waiting for them when they finish college, and everyone is waiting for some positions. Nobody wants to do other jobs. I will advise my children to finish some craft first, and then faculty, not to wait and hope. No one can take the knowledge from you,” said Lukajic.

In the end, she said that everyone must work and fight. If she was waiting for the job, she would still be sitting in the house and wasting her time. The most important thing is not to depend on anyone.

(Source: cazin.net)

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