Bosnian Woman changing Consciousness in Atlanta

April 16, 2017 10:00 AM

elvisa kovacevicElvisa Kovacevic, a Bosniak woman who went to America with her husband as a 21-year-old, and with her efforts and work, became the expert of personal transformation – where she manages to change the consciousness of every person who comes to her seminar by ancient methods.

Kovacevic is now an advisor for personal success and development. When asked what needs to happen to change, she said: “When we all get tired and when we realize that we cannot continue to live like that, that the life that we live makes no sense, that we have many negative feelings but we do not have a special excuse for them. I had children back then and because of them I started to research what is that in the person that cannot let us be happy.”

She learned from the most successful psychology teacher in the world, Tony Robbins, personal adviser to Bill Clinton.

She is the first Bosnian who completed challenging training at the Institute of walking on fire. In order to obtain her certificate, she had to pass 108 times over the fire in only one night.

“Walking on fire is an ancient method and it is a metaphor for fear where you prove your brain and yourself that fake evidence looked as real and when you pass without injury, then all previous beliefs are questioned. Until then you thought that it is impossible and it is an important method for transformation. This method used to be available only for rich people but today, it is available for everyone. In order to get my certificate, I had to cross 107 times over the fire, and the last was 6.5 meters long path, which means that I passed 108 times. We are a product of our beliefs that were imposed on us and a big effect why people are limited is their fear of not belonging, being different because we think that we will not be accepted, that our loved ones will judge us,” she said.

About how difficult it really is to control your mind, she said that it is more than possible and much easier than many people might think.

“You need to want to be free and adopt things that will help you with that,” she noted, adding that she is coming to Sarajevo in the fall to promote her book.

(Source: N1)


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