Bosnian Tribes who still live in Central Africa found!

bosssThe descendants of Bosnians live in central Africa today, in tribes in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Does this sound incredible?

However, it is true. Namely, Qasr Ibrim is an archaeological site which the Ottomans occupied in the 16th century. To defend the territory, hundreds of Bosnian soldiers were left to protect the territory. The descendants of these soldiers live in this area even today, at the localities of Derr and Ibrim, stated one of the Reddit, Dan.ba reported.

The Bosnian soldiers and their descendants married the tribeswomen of Gharbye and Djowabere tribes. What is interesting, the younger generations forgot the Bosnian language; however, several features of the northern climate remained present. In the first place it refers to the light brown skin color, while the Nubians are black.

”Some of the women who followed our friends to the ships had a strange skin color, light white eyes and curly red hair. There are numerous families in this area who claim that they are the descendants of Bosnian soldiers who were stationed in Nubia during the conquests of Sultan Selim in 1517. They are extremely proud of their roots, and consider themselves beautiful.” – This is an excerpt from the book ”Back through Nubia” written by Amelie Ann Blandford Edwards back in 1891.

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