Bosnian Students created a System for monitoring Workers Efficiency at the Plantations

Students of the Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar, Faris Seferagic, Anes Mehagic, Alem Tatarevic and Mirsad Halilcevic, developed a system for monitoring the efficiency of workers on plantations of fruits and vegetables and their system can be used all over the world.

The very basis of their innovation is that workers who will be monitored through their system will be paid for the amount of their work, and not per hour.

Faris Seferagic, Anes Mehagic and Alem Tatarevic from Cazin and Mirsad Halilcevic from Zivinice are students of the Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar.

About a year ago, Faris, Anes, Alem and Mirsad applied for the CityOS Hackathon, which took place in the Inter Technological Park in Mostar. The main goal of that competition was to make a solution for a particular problem, which was presented by representatives of individual companies, within a period of just 48 hours.

“We were focused on the problem of the company ‘Hercegovinalijek’, which referred to monitoring of the work in their vineyard. Our solution was considered as the best one and we became part of Intera’s business incubator, while ‘Hercegovinalijek’ became our partner. Finally, we managed to make a complete and functional solution from the prototype of the competition, which was done in less than 48 hours,” stated these young men.

In shortest, they managed to develop a functional platform for monitoring the work of workers on fruit or vegetable plantations where the owner, or the user of their platform, has full control over what is happening in their possession.

They say that they want their solution to be present on as many plantations in BiH as possible, as well as abroad. They believe that the functionality of their application will be increased as the number of their partners increases and that they will have a stable and unique platform that will be interesting to many people.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)


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