Bosnian Stories Are Candidates for Oscars

halimaA Bosnian story by writer Feđa Isović, the film ‘Halima’s Path and directed by Anton Ostojić from Croatia is the Croatian candidate for the Oscar awards in the category of best foreign film.

This is a touching post-war story about Halima, a woman who is looking for the remains of her adopted son. The movie won the hearts of the commission of the Croatian Society of Film Workers, writes ‘Dnevni Avaz’.

‘’Halima’s Path passed through the first round of voting. I am happy about this, but also surprised. I did not have much hope for this, because this year I watched two excellent movies that are also in competition’’, said Isović.

‘’This is a Bosnian and Croatian film. It is a coproduction. It won many awards and received positive reviews. There is also the desire for an Oscar, but I am not too carried away with this idea because it is difficult to win that award’’, said Isović.

The Serbian candidate for an Oscar nomination is the film ‘Circles’ by Srdan Golubović, and it is also a Bosnian story about a brave young man from Trebinje, Srđan Aleksić, who was killed while trying to save his Bosniak friend during the war in B&H.

The Montenegrin candidate for the Oscars is the movie “As pik – loša sudbina” by Draško Đurović. The movie is also tied to B&H. It tells the story about the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The B&H candidate for the Oscar nominations will become known at the end of this month.

Feđa Isović is one of the most famous screenwriters in B&H and in the region.


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