Bosnian Stone Sphere is the largest in the World!

57e5409b-fedc-4e31-bcc4-02970a0a0a64-osmanajic-718x446Discovery of the new stone sphere in Zavidovići in March 2016 echoed throughout the world. Foundation Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun organized an extensive media campaign for the promotion of this prehistoric phenomenon.

Once again the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina was mentioned as the location of ancient civilizations, significantly older than conventional perceptions of human past.

“We forwarded samples to faculties in Serbia and BiH and now we are presenting results of the analysis. Geologist Miodrag Jovović from Belgrade volunteered to do a macroscopic and microscopic analysis of the sample of this stone sphere, concluding that the texture is massive with presence of quartz, muscovite, iron oxide, magnesite, and basal cement is the carbonate base. Presence of energetically active elements is obvious,” the Foundation stated.

Faculty of Mining, Construction and Geology in Tuzla conducted an analysis of the density of solid particles. Results of the analysis have shown that the stone sphere in Zavidovići weighs 37.32 tons!

“I’ve seen large stone spheres in Costa Rica, the largest one of which weighs 25 tons. In the West of Mexico, near the town of Ahualco, at the locality of Piedras Bolas, volcanic stone spheres reach 35 tons in weight. Measurements of the stone sphere in Zavidovići and comparison with the largest stone spheres in Central America confirm that the Bosnian stone sphere is the most massive and largest one in the world,” said Semir Osmanagić, Director of the Foundation.

(Source: avaz.ba)

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