Bosnian Security Minister: to involve all Levels of Government in managing the Migrant Situation



Following the announcement that Turkey has decided to open borders for migrants on the road to the countries of the European Union, Director of the Border Police of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zoran Galic and Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic discussed the eastern border, as well as measures to be taken to respond effectively to the pressure of illegal migrants.

Although all available human, material and technical resources have been redeployed to the eastern and northeastern parts of the border, Director Galic said that the redeployment of Bosnian Border Police officers along all lines of work will be redeployed in order to protect the state border and that an additional number of police officers has already been directed to the eastern part of the border.

In addition, they discussed the need to increase the support of other police agencies in border control.

Minister Radoncic said that Bosnian Border Police and the relevant BiH institutions will have full support of the Bosnian Ministry of Security in their work and stressed the importance of improving coordination and involving all levels of government in managing the migrant situation in BiH more effectively.


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