Bosnian Pyramids are the largest and oldest Healing Site on the Earth?

Bosnian Pyramids on Daily Star“There is no doubt that Bosnian pyramids and tunnels demonstrate remains of an unknown high-developed civilization. Staying in these tunnels can cause very strong and positively measurable effects on the emotional and physiological health of people. The level of energy activity shows that it is a positive energy,” said Russian Professor Konstantin Korotkov, the world’s leading expert in the energy of space and living beings. He spent a few days with a nuclear physicist from Russia, Oleg Smirnov, and performed a research on Bosnian pyramids.

“This is a huge discovery that can be measured with the discovery of tombs in Egypt or the Pyramids of Maja and Aztecs,” noted Professor Korotkov.

Numerous world experts, after a great number of scientific research, declared the Bosnian pyramids as the world’s largest healing place.

Recent research showed that they are at least 25,000 years old and even older than Egyptian pyramids, which completely changes the history of civilization. There are still some mysterious rooms in them, as well as the lake with completely clean water without any bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, or mud.

There is a total of five pyramids discovered – Sun, Moon, Earth, dragon, and love. The Sun’s Pyramid is the highest in the world – it’s 220 meters tall. In comparison, the famous Keops Pyramid is just 145 meters tall.

Where is the healing energy in the tunnels of the Bosnian Pyramids coming from? Dr. Osmanagic said that research that was performed by domestic and foreign scientists showed that the source of electromagnetic energy is located at a depth of 2,440 meters.

This summer, according to the announcements, the pyramids will be visited by tens of thousands of people from all over the world – some of them are coming to see the mystery, and some of them to heal.


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